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Beautiful premium houses in Serock near Warsaw

Investment completion date: Q4 2023

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There are many reasons why you should live in Pangea houses.

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apartament premium
premium serock estate
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Thanks to the choice of interiors, your possibilities are endless and everything depends only on your imagination!
The given styles are just a drop in the ocean of our possibilities

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The investment area is not accidental. The number of attractions in the area is huge,
that’s why the Pangea estate is a perfect place to live.

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Close to the Serock Center

4 min

Only 4 minutes separates the Pangea estate from the center of life of Serock residents.

Serock Houses
Netto Store

5 min

Do you want to go shopping? There are many supermarkets nearby.

new houses in serock
Petrol station

3 min

It’s not terrible to run out of fuel! The journey to the fuel station takes only 3 minutes.

premium estate near Warsaw
Restaurant – “Złoty Lin”

2 min

The restaurant nearby will definitely make your evenings more enjoyable.

luxury homes

5 min

A school close to home is a great help when you have children.

luxury houses near Warsaw

10 min

The beach will allow you to relax even more on hot days.

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